LNH: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #41

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On 4/2/11 4:40 AM, Andrew Perron wrote:
> On Fri, 1 Apr 2011 21:58:30 +0000 (UTC), Arthur Spitzer wrote:

As always, thanks for the comments.

>> "And after Beige Midnight?  Well, Toony Stork took a leave of absence
>> and now there's this new person wearing the Irony Man suit -- we don't
>> know who it is though.  My pick for the pool is the chick who's Captain
>> Killfile's mother -- but that's me."
>> "And the Legion of Net.Villains split up into two groups.  One called
>> the East Coast Brotherhood of Net.Villains is being led by Mr. Homage.
>> The other -- The West Coast Brotherhood of Net.Villains -- led by Lagneto."
> Oooooh, interesting.

I thought it could make some interesting stories.  But I suppose that 
will be up to other people since I don't have any plans... please feel 
free to chime in anybody who thinks splitting up the BoNV is a horrible 

But that being said, I suppose if no one is against this idea we should 
discuss, which villain is going where... and what villains will be on 
the team...

Here's a possible line up with two of my characters (Free For Use) along 
with the old standards... I figured I'd limit myself to one each.  (And 
maybe Color-Error Man's Brother-in-Law could be like the mascot of the 
East Coast team -- think Snapper Carr).

LNH Writers and Non-LNH Writers feel free to suggest Free For Use 
characters that you would like to see in the Brotherhood (and whether 
they should go in the East or West.

Also I'm not sure where the West Coast team would be based... what is 
the West's equivalent of Net.ropolis?  I suppose Saxon would know.

East Coast BoNV

Based in Net.ropolis

Mister Homage (Leader)
1 - Color-Error Man
2 - EraserHead
3 - Grim
4 - Gritty
5 - Hooded Ho`'ood Win II
6 - Romantic-Innuendo
7 - Rumor Monger
8 - X-Intruder
9 - Continuity Porn Star

West Coast BoNV

Based in ??????

Lagneto (Leader)
1 - Amnesia
2 - Captain CoreDump
3 - Hiatus
4 - Plotchopper
5 - RobGoblin
6 - Revamp Lass
7 - Professor Perhap
8 - Repetitive Lad
9 - Chuggernaut

Arthur "Join the Brotherhood!" Spitzer

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