HCC18: Extension: Admission of failure

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 4 13:07:46 PDT 2011

 Okay, this is embarrassing, but basically I'm not going make even the 
*extended* deadline for the Unicorn/Sasquatch War.  Sorry.
I'm gonna keep working on this, and hopefully get it done some time 
by mid April.  But I really don't think it to be fair on the rest of 
you to keep hanging out for my laxness, so I'm offically ceeding my 
part in the contest part of the 18th challenge.  
Tim, if you would proceed with the voting without my entry, that 
would be appreciated.
Saxon Brenton
Only just figured out that today that one way to deal with a nagging 
problem I've been having might be to rip off the _Rift_ computer game...
And maybe the _Rifts_ RPG as well...  
Darn, this thing just keeps getting bigger...

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