LNH: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #41

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 04:40:38 PDT 2011

On Fri, 1 Apr 2011 21:58:30 +0000 (UTC), Arthur Spitzer wrote:

> "Obscure Trivia Lad doesn't know.  Every memory since Obscure Trivia Lad 
> died is a blank.  Other than that, Obscure Trivia Lad feels the same. 
> Still has same android liquid metal body.  The only thing that has 
> changed is that Obscure Trivia Lad no longer has a shard of the Cosmic 
> Plot Device in his body.  Everything else is the same."


> "And after Beige Midnight?  Well, Toony Stork took a leave of absence 
> and now there's this new person wearing the Irony Man suit -- we don't 
> know who it is though.  My pick for the pool is the chick who's Captain 
> Killfile's mother -- but that's me."
> "And the Legion of Net.Villains split up into two groups.  One called 
> the East Coast Brotherhood of Net.Villains is being led by Mr. Homage. 
> The other -- The West Coast Brotherhood of Net.Villains -- led by Lagneto."

Oooooh, interesting.  

> "And 2010 and 2011 -- well nothing much has really happened -- at least 
> as far as I can..."

Hmmmm.  Stuff I've written that actually took place in the Looniverse, in
current continuity, in those two years... huh.  Hrm.  I guess the only
things are Looniverse Chronicles #2 and Men's Courses Will Foreshadow,
neither of which Time-Waster Lad would know about. @.@ Digital JUMP! #12
was December 2009, does that count? (Not that he'd feel the need to mention
a day-in-the-life episode anyway...)

> I wrote this just in case I never finish Beige Midnight (I will finish 
> it -- I will -- but you know).  You see Brian Perler did give me 
> permission to kill Obscure Trivia Lad, but only if I brought him back. 
> And while I had a cool way to kill him off -- I couldn't think of a cool 
> way to bring him back -- so there's this -- the probably lamest way to 
> ever bring back a hero.  

Well, Mysteriously Back From The Dead is a huge cliche, but it's also a
good starting point for future stories.  Mind you, Obscure Trivia Lad's
death scene was so wonderful that something like this can't help but be a
bit of a letdown, but hey - creator's rights and all.

> As for Time Waster Lad saying that nothing has happened in 2010 and 
> 2011, I'm sure he just meant no big events and stuff.  He wasn't dissing 
> all of your fine stories.

Yeah, nothin' that you'd need to worry about continuitywise.

> Please feel free to come up with some clever reason why Obscure Trivia 
> Lad is back and alive.  Because you can bet that I sure won't.  :)

...dangit, why do I want to write *new* stories when I haven't finished the
*old* ones yet. >:/ Well, whatever ideas I - or others - come up with, I
can at least plant some seeds in Beige Countdown #4.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, almost done with a nostalgic work...

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