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Sat Sep 18 19:01:21 PDT 2010

technically follow either Common Metre or the looser Ballad Metre, with 
something like abab or abcb rhyming format. 'Wreck' turned out to be 
fast and loose with some of its ryhming, and 'Rescue' is even looser still.

And then when I checked the wiki page last night, and there was a 
description of ballad metre consisting of alternating lines of iambic 
tetrameter and iambic trimeter - which frankly would have scared the crap 
out of me if I'd know that at the time and tried to adhere to it.

My reading of 'Wreck' indicated that the beat of the first and third lines 
broke them in two halves, with rhyming words at the end of both halves. 
Then the end of the second and third lines often rhymed with each other, 
and even when they didn't tended to end in a word of two or more syllables.
Hence I tried to follow a pattern of:
a a
c c
With a and c rhymes being folowed close to scrupulously, and the b syllable 
count being followed close to scrupulously and the b rhymes being a bonus 
to be used when possible.

>> The Chippewa mythology as used here has been bent, folded, spindled
>> and mutilated almost as much as Gordon Lightfoot's song lyrics. 
>> Mishibizhiw 
> How do you *pronounce* that? 

I googled 'Chippewa mythology' and found the wiki article on 'Anishinaabe 
traditional beliefs'. Comparing the different spellings of the names 
(Mishibizhiw / Mishipeshu) I broke it down into either: 
Mee-shee-beez-shew or Mee-shee-pee-shew.

>> Since Suicide Squid can't manifest in the Looniverse anymore,
>> his subsequent LNH appearances have either been off-dimension (as in
>> _Limp-Asparagus Lad_ #49-50) or in the past (as this story is). 
> How many LNH appearances did he *have* before that, anyway?

Uh... I remember SS being discussed a lot in Constellation, but only turning 
up once to say his goodbyes to Squid Boy. So add in his guest star appearance
in L-ALad, and I make this his third appearance, with the first as the star.

Saxon Brenton 		 	   		  

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