[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #80 - August 2010 [spoilers]

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Thu Sep 30 19:02:51 PDT 2010

On Thu, 30 Sep 2010 23:08:32 +0000 (UTC), Saxon Brenton wrote:

>      Oh, a _Quasar_ homage.  Cool.  That was one of my favourite series 
> from the late eighties/early nineties.

Yes! <3 So much goodness, character, and thought.

>  This story certainly displays 
> the two main stylistic attributes that I associate with the _Quasar_ 
> stories: taking some cosmic notion or phenomenon, and then having a 
> normal human try to deal with the situation by means of common sense 
> rather than brute force.

That was the main thing I was trying to express, once I realized the main
character would be Quasar-based.  Glad to see it came through.

>      That said, it also contained the single most frustratingly terse 
> line in any of these three posts.  While sorting through candidates:
>| Without Joyce, we could only pick two candidates to investigate.  So 
>| Bruce and I went after the Ivory Coast and the Vatican.  But no luck.
>      Needless to say there's two posts worth of adventures contained 
> in that brief paragraph which have had to be glossed over as part of 
> the broader narrative.  I can see why it's done, but it's still a 
> particularly glaring example.

Perhaps he could go back to these - or, even better, leave them as "lost
episodes" and repeatedly refer to events that happened without showing
> Nevertheless, despite progress in getting the plant 
> spirits to cooperate, this is not an instant fix, and the depressing 
> conclusion is that unless the Earthlings take up the offer of the 
> Trillions to hibernate to ride the problems out most of them will die.

Yeah, I liked that - the fact that, even though they fixed the problem,
there'll still be consequences.  Rare in superhero comics.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, raaaar

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