[8Fold/Contest] Journal Into... #14 : All Us Zombies (HC13)

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 06:59:13 PDT 2010

On Tue, 28 Sep 2010 05:54:49 +0000 (UTC), Saxon Brenton wrote:

> But after all those reveals, the main focus should be on the family of 
> Longitudes on the mainstream 8Fold continuity.  The counterpart Longitude 
> is a kind of a leftover as far as story elements go.  By rights the 
> easiest way to deal with him  would be to have him say, "Screw it," and 
> just go home.  But if he's a mad scientist with all the drawbacks of 
> bombastic ego, a drive to crush his rivals and avenge insults, and a 
> loose grasp on reality (you know, all the character traits that _Girl 
> Genius_, _Narbonic_ and even _A Miracle Of Science_ revel in) - then I 
> don't see him just wandering away to play in his own sandbox.
> Darn.  These are things I never thought of when I was just writing a 
> simple one-off pulp story between rival generations of villains.

See, I don't see this as a drawback.  It seems like the main conflict is
between the generations of Longitudes, but the counterpart Longitude would
appear every so often to give it some variety and to make the conflict less

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