SW10, CONTEST: August 2010 #1: Predecessors

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Mon Sep 27 20:35:57 PDT 2010

I like to think I have answers for all these questions.  But of course
the story needs the answers too.

On Sep 26, 7:13 pm, Andrew Perron <pwer... at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Sep 2010 23:37:20 +0000 (UTC), Scott Eiler wrote:
> > In the United States, grocery stores are planning to close their major
> > branches in September. There is still some produce to live by in
> > farmers' markets, but the corporations of the Western world do not
> > want Internet photos of Communist-style queues for produce.
> Wait, what?  Does negative publicity *really* outweigh the profit that
> they'd get from staying open - not to mention, y'know, the *starvation*?
> Or am I just massively understanding here? `.`

I haven't considered the economic interplay in that much depth.  But
it seems to me, in a time of high unemployment, relatively low gas
prices, and food shortage, people will move where the food is.  This
in turn will enable farmers to deal more directly with the public.  I
think at least one supermarket chain will close, and they'll state the
reasons I mentioned.
> > We superhumans all have enemies now, in much the same way every U.S.
> > President has during midterm elections, and for much the same reasons.
> > Now that the Earth is swinging away from the Sun and the crops are
> > failing, the current administration is getting the blame, along with
> > every superhuman who tried to help.
> Interesting.  I bet they're gonna blame Obama for this, too.

But of course.

> > We have a very public superheroine named Morningstar. (Hi, Julie!) She
> > has a very public predecessor, also named Morningstar. (Hi, Laura!)
> *waves madly*
> Which is the Morningstar from the SW91 story?

Laura is.  Julie appeared in SW10 earlier this year.

> >     * The requesters weren't paying attention. There's been enough
> > sunlight to keep the Earth warm; our mutant supergenius scientist led
> > a team to bring more sunlight in from other universes. The crops
> > failed anyway, for reasons of their own.
> Didn't they fix that in the last one?

Yes - in time to save next year's crops.

> An incidental point - Wyatt keeps saying "in my world".  Isn't this written
> for consumption at least mostly on said world?

Yeah.  But Wyatt's aware of a multiversal audience.  He's lived
(unofficially) in the Marvel Universe, and his visit to the RACCies is
in continuity for him.
> > The actors think the whole thing was special effects.
> Okay, here's another example of a trope I hate!  Something ridiculous and
> astounding physically happens right in front of people!  The earth shakes!
> The hot, stinking breath of a monster pours past them!  Flames leap and
> thunder roars!
> ...and somehow, people assume it's all special effects.

In all fairness, the actors might be excused for trusting in special
effects - and they didn't get as close as Wyatt did.  The pastor's
pretty sure he saw The Devil, but nobody who wasn't there believes
him.  I imagine the militiamen are still arguing.

> Overall, strong idea, execution coulda used a bit of work.

That's why I never stop writing my stories.  Thanks, Andrew.

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