WWW: Five Stuffs A Week.

Tom Russell joltcity at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 02:05:37 PDT 2010

Tom Draws Stuff With Captions is back, and will hopefully last longer
than two or three weeks in its current incarnation.  The plan is to
present one new stuff, with a caption, each week-day.

The site mostly went kaput because my scanner went kaput.  That's
right, there's none of that flash bull-puckey over at TDSWC.  Each
stuff, whether it be an animal, vegetable, or inanimate object, is
drawn (and captioned!) BY HAND with a fine-point black sharpie on
coloured paper.  Some of these lovingly hand-crafted stuffs even take
as long as TWO WHOLE MINUTES to draw and caption.

This coming Monday starts a special theme week: Animals with Hats.

So, be sure to bookmark


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