Meta/StarFall: Introducing a Legacy Character to a New Universe

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Mon Sep 20 13:51:18 PDT 2010

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>> On Sun, 19 Sep 2010 23:30:27 +0000 (UTC), Phantasm wrote:
>> > 2) How would *you* write the two characters?
>> I'd dispense with trying to make them strictly representative of the
>> American right and left.  Instead, I'd focus on a specific issue that they
>> disagreee on.  This, I suspect, will decrease the levels of charicature.
>Yes, that's always the difficulty in doing a Hawk-and-Dove type thing;
>the creator almost always ends up making one character always wrong
>per his political bias.  With Hawk and Dove, for example, Ditko always
>made Dove an emasculated wuss, while O'Neil almost always had Green
>Lantern having to cede the point to Green Arrow.  It could be done
>well, but would require a great deal of delicacy.

     One of the "toss an idea out there for later" things in ASH is the duo
(and later married couple) of Union Label and Flower Power.  Your basic
"construction worker vs. hippie" political cartoon setup as a superhero team,
and ASH's homage to GA/GL.  Obviously they found enough common ground to get
married.  (And yes, union members were on the conservative side of the
spectrum during the Vietnam War era, even if they tended to vote Dem.)

     Dave Van Domelen, notes that they might not have been legally married,
depending on which of the two bent most on that issue.

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