ASH: ASH #108 - The Office Part 2: Hump Day

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at
Thu Sep 16 21:14:57 PDT 2010

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Saxon Brenton  <saxonbrenton at> wrote:
>er... Never is an alt.future version of Lana?  {tries to wrap head 
>around this}  To paraphrase: Hell hath no fury like a woman wronged.
>And you know, while reading through this I suddenly had a 
>*suspicious* desire to sit down at my computer and do a writeup 
>of the Multiversal Office for the old Torg RPG (which specialised 
>in quantifying the different game mechanics of various worlds with 
>different genres.)

     LU-63's Probability Capacitors made him an artificial Storm Knight, so
he could've resisted the Office's reality changes.  ;)

     Dave Van Domelen, notes that in the original ASH campaign, it was Doctor
Moebius who dumped Johnny Angel into a hellscape.  There was a major Torg
crossover in that game.

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