StarFall: Need Help

Phantasm phantom_belcher at
Thu Sep 9 18:16:05 PDT 2010

Hey, all.

You might have noticed that Silver Arrow #3 is extremely late.  Well,
I need help with it.

Suffice to say, I need help with the dramatic fight scene for the
issue.  Yeah, every issue so far seem to have a fight scene.  I'm
trying to keep the book action-adventure, light on the angst
(certainly no Wangst) with a go-getter action-oriented lead character. is
what I currently have for it.  It's not done, but for the most part
what it needs is the fight scene and some input on fleshing some other
aspects of it out before I post it.  Can anyone help out?

This is certainly one of those times I miss my writing partner.

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