HCC: High Concept #13 - A Legacy Reclaimed

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Tue Sep 7 10:34:47 PDT 2010

     For much of the past several years, Dick Grayson has been Batman and
Bucky Barnes has been Captain America...but you know Bruce and Steve will be
reclaiming those roles shortly.  Just like when Azrael was Batman for a
while, or when John Walker (or a LARGE number of other short-timers) was
Captain America.  Some legacies just don't get passed on permanently.
     On the other hand, sometimes the legacy is passed on permanently, but a
previous holder has to come out of retirement for one case for whatever
reason.  An old foe of theirs.  The current Power Rangers are mystically
trapped and a motley assortment of Rangers from previous seasons shows up to
fill in.  A time-traveling younger (or older!) version of the hero stands in
for them for a while.  That sort of thing.
     Regardless of the corporate motives, sometimes the previous holder of
the identity sticks around long term, sometimes the case just reminds them
why they retired in the first place.

     High Concept Challenge #13, "A Legacy Reclaimed," should involve a hero
or villain who has been replaced in some way, and has come back either
permanently or temporarily.

     For instance, were I to write a story in this HCC, it'd probably be set
in the late 1990s and have Brightsword I having to see if he could fit into
the old costume to rescue his daughter from Darkshield II, in the process
finally learning that his old foe Darkshield I was a false front for
successful espionage activities.

     Dave Van Domelen, might write that story anyway if a good hook lands in
his lap. 

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