ASH/NTB: Pointless Mini Contest! (was: re: ASH: ASH #109)

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Thu Oct 28 10:38:18 PDT 2010

On 27/Oct/2010 Dvandom wrote:
The Human resource said:
>            "I perform the necessary human interactions for the Office, in
> such rare situations that proper procedure alone is insufficient."  [...]  
> "And to anticipate your next two questions, I am authorized to say that I 
> am not a god and that I am unaware of any career or existence I may have 
> had prior to assuming this duty, or even if I had a prior life.
And I immediately though: "Which might mean that the Human Resource is 
nothing more than a specialised node of the Office, created out of the 
Office's substance and imbued with enough self-awareness and creative thought 
to be able to recognise, interpret and handle unusual situatons."
And then I thought: "Which would be really dangerous.  Because you just *know* 
that somewhere out there is a member of the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade who *used* 
to be the Human Resource, and was delegated *just enough* self awareness and 
creative thought that it tipped over that nebulous but critical line into 
having free will.  At which point that prior Human Resource bailed out."
So: Pointless Mini Contest Time!
 * Name this hypothetical member of the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade.
 * Suggest any pertinent details about the character.
  (For my part, I think he looks very whitebread and middleclass.  He has 
an inherent love of neatness, order and cooperation because of how he was 
created, but recognises that if he wants to retain his freedom he has to 
engage in carefully applied anarchy.  So he goes about cheerfully, politely 
and helpfully poking a metaphorical umbrella between the spokes of the bicycle 
wheels of society at certain carefully determined points.  As a matter of 
principle he'd like to take up a hobby as a way of expressing his 
individuality, but can't get the hang of liking something for its own sake.  
He has quite good interpersonal skills, but the fact that he doesn't blink 
bothers people on a subconscious level.)
Any other ideas/alternative takes?  And, yes, you just know I'm to put this 
character on the backburner for a story one day.
Saxon Brenton
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