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Wil Alambre wilalambre at
Sun Oct 24 21:27:23 PDT 2010

For all my annoyance about fidgeting with my RACC RSS feed parsing PHP code to deal with meta tags properly, I then went and finally started a thread on the RACC newsgroup... and forgot to properly tag it. *slap*

On 2010-10-24, at 2:35 AM, Tim Munn wrote:
> This year, eh, I haven't written much; I'm
> more sitting on a bunch of stuff than writing.  I'm going to try this,
> but it might be released an issue a week.  Sitting on a bunch of stuff
> isn't writing, maybe this will get me into the writing mood again.

This is *exactly* the reason I'm proposing this. Writing RACC stories, both new series and completing the ones I've left hanging for years, has been on my to-do list forever... right under "continue procrastinating". Nanowrimo is specifically targeted at folks like me, who've "always wanted to write, but never got around to it". I hope to get something produced and, fingers crossed, develop a good writing habit!

In terms of the rules for "raccowrimo", I'm entirely flexible. After all, I just threw it together a few days ago :P So far, I have heard some interest in participating, but with a general trend not change it to fewer issues. I'm okay with that, but I would like to keep some sort of restrictions onto it, since it was the word count and tight deadline that helped engender the Nanowrimo creativity. SO here's a top-of-my-head rule-set:

1. It must be an original series. It cannot be an arc in an existing series, nor any series that has existed before. It can be part of any existing universe, and can use existing characters, but it must have an original title. A short cross-over, a mini-series, a title that only exists for this challenge, whatever. I hope this encourages creativity and originality.
2. It must be at least four issues long, and each issue must come out on the same day of the week. So, if the first issue comes out on a Wednesday, the next issue must be released on the following Wednesday, and the third issue on the Wednesday after that. Not before or after. I want a fixed deadline to give the challenge more structure and have the resulting releases come out on a expected schedule.
3. All issues posted as part of the challenge must include the imprint WRIMO. I just want to be able to recognize them as they come in :P

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