[META] Introduction to the LNH?

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Fri Oct 8 12:38:42 PDT 2010

On Oct 6, 3:52 pm, Andrew Perron <pwer... at gmail.com> wrote:
> My question, then: Who would like to get in on this project?  

Sounds like an interesting idea.  What kind of "first stop" did you
have in mind?  I could picture this going one of two ways: a
retelling of the LNH's origins (a la Year One, First Class or even
an "ultimate" LNH) or an ongoing title that focused on the current
Legion (like LNH Vo. 2, but with a regular cast of characters).

I'd be game for pitching in with either -- though my guess is that
any story about the early LNH would have to be cleared with
Scav.  It would be hard to tell an LNH origin story without
Rebel Yell...

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