[LNH] Digital JUMP! #6

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 28 19:57:19 PST 2010

Okay then.  Andrew?  Something strange is (still) happening with the 
formatting of Digital JUMP.
Issue 6 (just posted) has the same problem as issue 5 (from February) 
and issue 12 (December 2009).  The copies turning up in Eyrie (as 
opposed to Google, Wil's Ego, or either of my email accounts) are 
truncated just after the 'In Association with...' blurb but before 
the 'From the files of the Molybdenum Age' line.
Are you, I dunno, using soft carriage returns or something funky at 
that point in the text?  
(And have we discussed this before, and I'm just making a fool of myself?)
Saxon Brenton
(Will now go and printout a copy so that I can read it during the 
upcoming slow eveing shift)

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