ASH/WRIMO: Catman: Minor Arcana #4 (of 4) - Swords

Scott Eiler seiler at
Sat Nov 27 19:58:43 PST 2010

On Nov 26, 10:02 pm, dvan... at (Dave Van Domelen) wrote:
>      [The cover shows Edouard and Isabel fleeing through ancient ruins as
> explosions bracket them.  Their attackers are unseen.  Cover copy proclaims,
> "Armageddon 1998!"]

I've figured out what I like about this story.  As Andrew might put
it, it's elegiac.  It would be unfair of me to expect a suspenseful
action story when all the action is in flashbacks. But as the memoirs
of an old man who wants to introduce me to his world of thirty years
ago, the story works.

Dave, I see you've spent a month writing your way to where people will
want a sequel.  I think you and Saxon and I are three for three on

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