[MISC] GODLING # 18: Defeated!

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[MISC] GODLING # 18:  Defeated!
by J. Vandersteen


Godling is hit in the face by a man with a face that’s a mix of an
alligator and a human face, Mr. Gator. WHAM!
Mr. Napalm start to fire rays from his eyes that envelop Godling in
flames. If he wasn’t using the invulnerability of Achilles he’d be
Angry, Godling kicks Mr. Napalm in the stomach, turns to Mr. Gator and
punches him in the throat. If he could only use his invulnerability at
the same time as his Ares fighting techniques, or Heracles strength.
Unfortunately, he can’t, making his attacks against his enemies not as
effective as he wants them to be. Gator easily recovers from the blow
and tries to hit Godling again. The hero decides to go for another
tactic. Still burning he grabs Mr. Gator in a bearhug. Gator howls,
the flames that still cover Golding burning him. He’s hurt enough for
Godling to recover somewhat. He rolls down on the floor to extinguish
the flames. As he gets up he sees Mr. Napalm preparing to hit him with
another round of his burning vision. With the speed of Hermes Godling
runs into the villain. Being hit at that kind of speed is like being
hit by a train, so Mr. Napalm goes down.
Mr. Mimic is the next one to attack, changing into an elephant he
storms the hero. Godling calmly grabs him by the trunk and swings him
around the room, on top of Napalm and Gator. To finish him off for
sure he throws a lightning bolt at him.
“Nice work, hero,” Death Dog says. “But you won’t take me out that

At City Hall Wade Hudson, Officer Janson, Detective Darlene King and a
whole army of other cops are barricaded against the building. They’re
firing their weapons at an army of superhumans who are attacking them.
They’re like an angry mob, a bunch of hooligans, a thick wall of
villains, all on their way to City Hall.
“Where did they come from?” Janson asks.
Wade answers while firing his assault rifle at the villains. “No idea,
we’ve had more and more of these superpowered crazies showing up for a
few days now. All of a sudden it seems they all decided to attack City
Hall. And there’s no sight of Godling.”
“We’ve been protecting this city without that bodybuilder for years.
We can do it again!” Darlene says. She’s carrying two 9mm pistols.
A monstrous, hulking figure with four arms and red skin comes awfully
close to her. She shoots it in the eye. The villain screams and covers
his eyes. She proceeds to shoot it in the crotch. The hulking figure
goes down. For good measure Darlene fires a few rounds in its skull.
She reloads and says, “See what I mean.”
She has barely spoken those words and she is hit by an energy beam and
she loses consciousness. “Darlene!” Wade yells and runs towards her. A
villain with lassos for arms catches him, preventing him from helping
her. He shoots the villain’s arms of.
Janson helps him out and hits the villain with the butt of her
shotgun, taking him out.
Wade checks up on Darlene and comes to the conclusion she’s
unconscious but breathing.
“What do you crazies want?” Janson asks the army that is attacking
Then, there is an answer. All the way in the back a man stands,
holding a spear. “I want control of New Troy.”
“What do you mean?” Janson asks.
“I want the mayor to give me his job,” the man says. He’s bald and has
a red goatee. He’s wearing an expensive red suit. The spear in his
right glows with power. “I am Master Destiny and soon I will rule this
“The hell you will!” Wade says and fires his assault rifle at him. The
rifle is in his left hand, with his right he holds Darlene.
Master Destiny waves with the spear and the bullets disappear. He
points the spear at Wade and a red flame shoots from it. The flame
turns into a hand. This red flaming hand starts to choke Wade.
“Let him go!” Janson shouts and fires her gun at Destiny. The bullets
just vanish in the air with a wave of the Spear.
Wade goes unconscious and the flaming hand disappears. Janson kneels
down beside him and Darlene, trying to see if he is still alive.
Master Destiny stands next to her and says, “I think it should be
clear by now that resistance is futile. This city belongs to me.”

Death Dog fires two pistols at Godling. The hero’s invulnerability
defends him for harm, though. He closes in on his enemy, and when he’s
close enough he uses the speed of Hermes to disarm the villain. With
the strength of Hercules he hits him, knocking him through the bar’s
Death Dog doesn’t stay down for long though. He gets up and enters the
bar again through the hole in the wall. He jumps Godling who catches
him and throws him into the bar, knocking down bottles and glasses.
The villain ends up behind the bar.
Panting, Death Dog grabs a small communication device and speaks into
it. “Get me some more thugs.”
Then they arrive, appearing out of thin air. Godling thinks he
recognizes some of them, many are unknown to him. All of them seem to
have some sort of superpower. There’s villains with knifes for hands,
villains with skin like concrete and villains that fire all sorts of
strange energy blasts from hands, eyes and mouths. They attack all at
Godling switches from power to power, trying to use his
invulnerability long enough to prevent him from getting hurt, short
enough to use his other powers so he can strike back as well. He kicks
a villain with horns in the face while he knocks down another one with
his elbow. He takes down two of them with lightning bolts. The
villains keep coming however and after so many days of almost fulltime
fighting against all sorts of supercriminals the One Man Pantheon is
getting tired. He’s been at this for just too many days in a row, been
hurt too much… It seems to be a matter of time his fatigue lets him
make a mistake and then the villains will win..
One of the villains is wearing a red and yellow costume with a
radiation symbol on it. “You’ve met your match in the Nuclear Warrior,
hero!” he says and starts to fire of bolts of energy at Godling. The
hero was just using the strength of Hercules to throw a villain that
looks like a human dinosaur through the window as the bolts strike. He
goes down, without the invulnerability of Achilles no match against
the nuclear blasts..
Death Dog laughs. “The last is mine,” he says and kicks Godling in the
face. The hero blacks out, surrounded by laughing villains.
“Finally, he’s defeated! The city is ours!” Death Dog says.
A dozen men appear in the room, appearing just as suddenly as the
villains did. One of the man says, “All hope for New Troy is not yet


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