CONTEST: High Concept Challenge #9: The Red Planet

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at
Tue May 4 13:31:55 PDT 2010

I won?  Very well then, two responses:
Firstly: it's MINE!  The previous two times I was tied with someone 
else, but this time it's *all mine*!  Bwahahahaha!
Secondly: uhm, okay.  Not to seem ungrateful, but I wasn't expecting 
that.  As I said in the notes, I just took the Concept and used 
it to hang a generic superhero story on it.  Perfectly good story; 
worked better than the previous time I took that route; but if I 
had been asked to bet money I would have laid it on Tom's story.
Anyway.  <bows deeply>  Thank you all.
And now the Concept for the 9th Challenge.  I've spent the day toying 
with ideas, and have settled on 'the red planet'.
You may interpret this however you like.  The phrase is typically 
used as an epithet for Mars, but it could be any planet with some sort 
of red colour.  And not just physical colour: perhaps a world dominated 
by communism, or some other social or religious movement that uses that 
colour; or a world given over to blood-drenched warfare.  Or maybe 
something completely off the wall, like an alternate history where the 
Spanish conquistadors caught a disease off the native Americans which 
brought Europe to its knees and the Earth is now dominated by 'redskin' 
Expirey date will be... lessee, three and a bit weeks from now will put 
it at Sunday 30th May.
Go play, have fun.
Saxon Brenton
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