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Mon May 3 18:38:31 PDT 2010

On Sunday 2 May 2010 Peter Bruells asked:
> Quirk?  Isn't the 21-year rule mostly an Anglo Abberation prelevant 
> in North America?
Andrew's summary is far more comprehensive than mine.  I was mainly 
aware of the difference between Australia, the US, and parts of the 
United Kingdom  (because of all the old discussion threads on whether 
Kitty Pryde was legal to drink in the UK while she was in the 
Excalibur team).
That said, I was referring not just to the 'what' but also the 'why'; 
the way that these things develop.  I remember from my high school 
history that in Australia the drinking age started out at 18 and 
affected the voting age.  The argument that if teenagers could drink 
at 18, go to war at 18, then they should be given the vote at 18 as well.
By comparison I recall being intrigued when I discovered (again, from 
Wikipedia) a few years ago that the legal drinking age in the US states 
used to vary, but that the National Minimum Drinking Age Act 1984 says 
that revenue will be withheld from states that allow under-21s to buy 
alcohol - effectively coercing a national drinking age by indirect means.
Saxon Brenton
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