REV: End of Month Reviews #75 - March 2010 [spoilers]

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at
Sun May 2 11:07:58 PDT 2010

Andrew Perron wrote:
> Tom Russell wrote:
>> Um... er...
>> Well, there's a reason why I said I wasn't one hundred percent happy
>> with this one. :-/
> Honestly, I liked it - her ambiguity was very interesting.  And the fact
> that she's not directly making a statement would provide some leeway for
> the authorities - *if* they wanted to avoid doing her in.
Oh, I agree entirely.  Like I said, I overanalayse these things too much. 
Once I realised there would be no explanantion and applied the Mystery 
Science Theatre 3000 mantra to it (remember that it's just a show, you 
really should relax...), wel, I can appreciate it as a character piece 
on its own merits.  I suppose the thing to remember is that this is a story 
nominally in the four colour superhero gere, so it's not a question of 
'should I apply willing suspension of disbelief?' but rather 'how much 
willing suspension of disbelief, and where?'
Saxon Brenton
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