RACCies: Night of the RACCies! (Re: RACCies: 2009 (16th Annual) RACCies Ceremony)

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sat May 1 19:37:59 PDT 2010

On Apr 30, 9:31 am, Andrew Perron <pwer... at gmail.com> wrote:

> There was complete silence from the audience.  PAM IV cleared his
> throat. "Um, and now, for the regular Named Awards, presented by
> Superhuman World correspondent Wyatt Ferguson!"
> I stepped up out of the wings.  I was nervous.  This world was not my
> own, and--

Hey, I get to post in the Real World!  Or at least in something like
it.  (30 Apr)

I don't go to the Real World often.  The last time was 2006, for
something called The Day of Glory.  My Real World contact wrote a lot
about it in his Real World adventures.  I just watched.  But it was
boring.  The Resistance in Nazi Siberia was more glorious than that,
as I found out soon after.  Anyway...

*  I'd like to thank Andrew Perron for accurately transcribing my
comments and representing my writing style in the transcript.  More
importantly,  I'll thank him now for arranging my presentation for
early in the session, so I could enjoy the beer special after.  Then
the jacuzzi.   Yes, I got home safely... the next day.  That's what
hotel rooms are for.

*  It must have looked embarrassing that I was the only one at my
Superhuman World table.  Adu and Julie wanted to come, and some guy
from the newspaper was going to join us.  But I'm laying low since
Mary Mystery summoned Ba'al to mess with my wedding...  Long story.
Maybe I'll write it in time for next month's reviews.

*  I suppose I'm glad Mr. Eiler, the Real World guy who swipes my
stories, got an award.  He swipes from so many of us, I wonder how
people who get "prolific" awards can keep up.

* At least my world didn't lose the "New Writer" award to Honey-Love
Bunny.  Though I'd love to see the Bunny meet Psychovant the Duck.

*  Mr. Eiler actually looks nothing like me.  His best photos show, I
got the hair and he got the beard.  But we do have the same taste in

*  From what I can tell, based on his writing, his mannerisms, and his
love for world domination, Mr. Eiler is the Real World's main
counterpart to me *and* The Hurrier *and* Ellipsis.  Good luck to him
on that.

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