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Scott Eiler seiler at
Sat May 1 19:18:18 PDT 2010

> SW10: January 2010 #4: The Ministry of Speed
> A Superhuman World [SW10] post  {high concept 7 contest}
> by Scott Eiler
>      I don't think I've made this observation before, but the obvious
> advantage of having so many of the Superhuman World stories presented
> as journalist reports is that Scott has a valid reason to present
> information dumps in a concise form.

... My Master Plan is proceeding according to my Master Plan!

(I got that phrase from a Marvel comic, though admittedly one of the
silly ones.)

> In fact, the middle
> of the article has a number of direct swipes from outside the SW
> setting: simply because of the nature of the topic of discussion I
> was expecting the throwaway references to the speedsters naming
> themselves DCU style with words like 'quick' and 'zoom'.

Ah, the joys of commentary fiction.

I'll admit, "The Ministry of Speed" is not a story so much as a plot
seed.  There was a conflict and a resolution, but I'll admit it was
kind of wimpy.  I had much more fun with "Return of the She-Ra Fight
Club", which for once resolved existing plot seeds (while leaving room
for more).

> I was
> grinning in bemusement when the Peanuts references, including
> Linus van Pelt as a super-mage.

Yeah, well, I put in plot seeds for reasons that aren't obvious
sometimes, not even to me.

The Peanuts characters are making an increasing inroads into my
universe.  Lucy actually tried to influence the 2008 U.S. Presidential
elections.  (
reticent.htm#reticent)  It would be wrong for me to deny Charlie his
chance in my world.


Saxon, I try to take these opportunities to review what you've
written.  Feel free to let me know if I've missed something.  (My
newsreader does not give credit to original authors, only to latest
responder.  And I don't see anything "LNH" for this time period.)

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