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> Patrick Harrison and the Canadians: the Hockey Stick Thief
> A Miscellaneous [Misc] posting
> by Martin Phipps
>      So.  Martin's love of superheroes and action movies, and his  
> penchant for topical satire combine in this story, where the illegitimate  
> children of sports stars (who "can't keep their pants on") are hidden  
> away in the safety of Camp Limbo.  And told, futilely, not to go running  
> around killing people and stealing cars.  Because you see, in the world  
> that this story inhabits, having an irresponsible sporting star as a  
> parent is something like having a supervillain as a parent: you inherit  
> their abilities and bad reputation.
>      In this instance Manhattan teenager Patrick is accused of having  
> possession of Jacques Levesques' hockey stick, and as a result discovers  
> that he's the son of National Hockey League commissioner Patrick Trembley.  
> He teams up with some new friends at Camp Limbo to solve the mystery of  
> the missing hockey stick, stealing cars and murdering their way across  
> the country.  All ends well with the motto "See kids, you too can murder  
> and steal as long as you have rich, powerful parents to make it alright."
>      This comes across as high speed fun.  Everything that is not a joke  
> is either background information, characterisation, and most of the time  
> these set up for jokes as well.

Just my luck: the sets of people who read Patrick Harrison and the
Canadians: the Hockey Stick Thief and saw the movie Percy Jackson and
the Olympians: the Lightning Thief would appear to have zero
intersect. :)


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