REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #74 - February 2010 [spoilers]

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at
Wed Mar 31 17:26:06 PDT 2010

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Saxon Brenton  <saxonbrenton at> wrote:
>Well, you get get the super intelligent hamsters to help.  They're already 
>know for writing fanfics of... dubious historical accuracy.  And as Lady 
>Lawful's paramour I'm sure they'll look favourably on casting him as an 
>action hero.
>(Unless of course, they're currently shipping Lady Lawful with someone else.  
>In which case you'll get hamster-written Doctor Developer hatefic.)

     In the "no, I'm not making this up, but it sounds like something I might
have" know those Zhu Zhu Hamster toys that were the "step on a
kid to get the last one" toy of Christmas 2009?  This summer they're getting
battle arenas and mecha armor accessories as part of a "Kung Zhu" hamster
duel thing (mostly martial arts stuff, but some "Special Forces" shells seen

     Dave Van Domelen, notes that even the mecha suited ones have "nurture
mode".  Ooookay.

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