REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #74 - February 2010 [spoilers]

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Wed Mar 31 17:03:18 PDT 2010

On Mar 30, 9:22 pm, Saxon Brenton <saxonbren... at> wrote:

> SW10: The Last Chocolate Crop
> SW10: The Last Chocolate Crop, Part 2
> A Superhuman World [SW10] post  {high concept 6 contest}
> by Scott Eiler
>      One interesting element of the 6th HCC contest was that in order
> to help demonstrate that the mad libbed concept was viable is that the
> co-winners of the 5th contest (Scott and myself) decided to throw in
> stories - although both of us declared these ineligible for voting.

I'm pleased at how well it worked out, not just for my story.  But
then, most of my own stories read like mad-libbed concepts if you look
closely enough.

> One minor thing that
> struck me in an "Oh yes, of course" revelation was the use of the
> pre-established aliens, the Trillions, that Scott has been in the
> ongoing mosaic story of the Superhuman World setting; why create a new
> alien threat when there's one just waiting to be reused?

But of course.  The aliens and their infestation were the only part of
the contest concept I actually had some sort of control over.  I was
thinking I'd swipe any suitable contest responses as ideas for the
world of the Trillions.  But this contest seems to have worked the
other direction, so that I had to actually donate ideas instead of
steal them.  (I'm thinking "Bitter Beans" would make a good old-time
adventure of the Wooden Man from the last High Concept, though.)

> LNH/Contest: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #34
> {high concept 6 contest}
> by Saxon Brenton

Yes, the swimming was metaphorical here.  But the menace was real,
even if conceptual.  This was the one story of the "swim with
chocolate" challenge where the villains actually wanted to destroy all
chocolate.  Fortunately Our Hero prevails, and not only saves the
chocolate but produces a new type.  I'd like to try "red chocolate"

I've had a slow time getting into Legion of Net.Heroes, because names
like "Occultism Kid" seem like old jokes to me.  Not that my own
series is better, because I've got a hero named Mighty Tim with twenty
years experience, waiting for action in the modern world.  Still,
stories like this make it easier to swim into a ocean of antique

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