REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #74 - February 2010 [spoilers]

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at
Wed Mar 31 15:43:21 PDT 2010

I'm feeling chuffed this morning, since my turn to gamesmaster returned 
last night and I started another Young Timelords adventure.  I managed to 
get various 'aw kewl' and 'WTF!" responses, and successfully managed to 
divert the players from what was nominally their main task (answering a 
distress call) for almost two hours with the giant insects.  It's enough 
to make me feel happy despite the mild throat infection.
So let's share the happy freakiness:
Andrew Burton wrote:
> Believe me when I say, Cameron and I would love to do more fight scenes. 
> He's got this one idea choreographed out where he drives a motorcycle 
> into the middle of an armed warehouse...where Mekanique has Jennifer 
> hostage...bursts through a wall, transforming in mid-air from motorcycle 
> to mecha suit, then proceeds to dismantle about twenty cyborg thugs, 
> climaxing in a mecha battle between Mekanique and himself...quite 
> reminiscent of the Iron Man/Iron Monger battle, but with more Transformers. 
> The only problem is, *SOMEONE*...I won't name names...set the universe up 
> so that people without Magene's don't get to do those kinds of things, so 
> from within the narrative, Cameron is pretty much less than useless in 
> an actual fight.
Well, you get get the super intelligent hamsters to help.  They're already 
know for writing fanfics of... dubious historical accuracy.  And as Lady 
Lawful's paramour I'm sure they'll look favourably on casting him as an 
action hero.
(Unless of course, they're currently shipping Lady Lawful with someone else.  
In which case you'll get hamster-written Doctor Developer hatefic.)
Saxon Brenton
"Infodumping is a free action for super-heroes, just like monologuing is for 
super-villains. It's a class feature."  - ian_karkull, Scans_Daily, 2009
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