[META] Been a long time

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 29 19:20:46 PDT 2010

Arsenal wrote: 
> I'm not going to ask what I've missed; that'd be pointless. ;)  
> Just wondering what's currently going on.
We're fine, for the most part.  The Apathy Beast came along and 
started gnawing on our legs, causing various projects to slow 
to a crawl.  In response Tom devised our current plaything, the 
High Concept Challenge (a new story concept is posted, and people 
submit stories based on the concept, then everybody votes one the 
best one.  Winning author gets to nominate the next concept).
It's been surreal at times.  How surreal?  Mmmm.  I think 
everybody would agree that the invasion by hardwired aliens 
causing people to go swimming with chocolate would be the high point.
Other that that... well, you know.  Not dead yet, and all that. 
Personally I'm a bit busy, because the start of the university 
academic year inevitably means new and exciting ways for the computer 
system to chuck a wobbly.
Saxon Brenton
Daleks not only don't have noses, they don't a sense of humour.  So if 
you trap one in a Monthy Python skit they will predictably self-destruct 
in confusion and fear.
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