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Russ Allbery eagle at
Fri Mar 26 20:40:29 PDT 2010

Scott Eiler <seiler at> writes:

> Surely such prolific writers as ourselves each have web logs - or at
> least places where we regularly put commentary.  This may actually be
> on-topic for this group, since it absorbs part of our writing effort
> that would otherwise go toward writing stories for RACC.  Shall we
> share?

> If this is off-charter, I'll find out soon enough, since this group
> seems to be moderated.

Not off-charter as far as I'm concerned.  Usenet newsgroups are a
community, and it was never the intention of moderation to remove the
community part, just to keep out the noise.  And since I'm the moderator,
I guess my say goes.  :)

> So, I'll start.  I have .  I've
> recently commented on student radio in places where I've recently lived.

I'll surface for one of my rare posts to say that mine's at:

I haven't written stories in eons (that creative work is going elsewhere),
but I do write book reviews fairly regularly.

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