CONTEST: High Concept Challenge #6 - Olympics

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at
Mon Mar 1 18:24:02 PST 2010

Dvandom announced the HCC7 theme:
> So, after the rather restrictive concept #5, here's a nice open one:
> write about a superhero's involvement with the Olympic Games (ancient or
> modern, summer or winter, as backstory or frontstory).
Oh, I know just the thing.  I've had a piece of silliness about the 2000 Sydney Olympics floating around in the back of my head, about when all those migratory bogong moths invaded the stadium.
Which means I have to write the next issue of _Limp-Asparagus Lad_...
Thank goodness I'm going to have two 7 hour train trips, up and back to a family reunion, this weekend, yes?
Saxon Brenton
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