CONTEST: High Concept Challenge #6 - Olympics

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at
Mon Mar 1 14:45:02 PST 2010

     Well, the Winter Olympics are over, which seems as good an inspiration
as any for the next HCC.  Plenty of superheroes have the Olympics in their
origin stories (several archery heroes, a fencer in Southern Knights, etc) or
have competed in the Olympics in their civilian IDs after becoming
superheroes (Arrowette, for one).
     So, after the rather restrictive concept #5, here's a nice open one:
write about a superhero's involvement with the Olympic Games (ancient or
modern, summer or winter, as backstory or frontstory).

     The deadline is the end of the day March 20 (11:59:59 PM Central time).

     Dave Van Domelen, notes that Nickelback doesn't count as a villain
group.  Barely.

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