REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #77 - May 2010 [spoilers]

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at
Wed Jun 30 16:06:45 PDT 2010

On Weds 30 June 2010 Dvandom replied:
>      Weird, the formatting characters don't show up when I ssh into eyrie
> from home, but do when I use PuTTY at work.
Yeah, sorry about that guys.  Since I'm not given to ascribing motivation 
to computers (the pathetic fallacy) and assuming they're conspiring 
against me, I think what happened is that I opened the file in something 
other than notepad when I posted yesterday.
But, see, *this* sort of thing is why I paranoidly type my stuff up in 
notepad rather than Word, and then check various copies once they've 
been posted.  It looks fine in both my work and hotmail email accounts, 
comes up clear at the first-glance on google groups, but has all these 
non-alphanumeric characters in both the Eyrie archies and in the 'show 
original' option on google groups.  Fortunately Wil's Ego mirrors off 
the first-glance of google.
And interestingly, that dichotomy with the formatting is carrying through 
with the follow-up as well.
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