REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #77 - May 2010 [spoilers]

Phantasm phantom_belcher at
Wed Jun 30 13:10:52 PDT 2010

> Silver Arrow #1
> 'The Hornet's Nest'

>      I find myself strangely intrigued by the way that, so far, the
> complex characterisation has been given to the supporting cast member
> Jade.

Jade's story is begging to be told, true.  And I've got even more
ideas percolating with regards to her scenario.  In a way, she's
threatening to take over the title

>  Silver Arrow himself is competent, sure of himself (even cocky),
> has a good relationship with his parents (who, incidentally, know his
> secret identity) and friends at UCLA.  And with that in mind it's a good
> thing that he serves up such a good fight scene to keep the audience
> entertained, because so far we know next to nothing about what motivates
> him. 

#3, which I'm still working on - it'll be a little late unless I get a
writing spurt later this week - will delve into what motivates him.
The only real hint I'll give right now is that his origin is tied into
the Reality Quake in some way, which happened when Hugh was just a

> There will be time enough to flesh out all the characters in subsequent
> issues, but Jade's current situation as a mole for Silver Arrow in Sun
> Li's organisation looks like an explosion waiting to happen; even just
> the question of where her ultimate loyalties lie is enough to make me
> want to read more.
>      Overall it's a good superhero story which establishes its premise,
> has a well written action sequence, and a hook to keep the readers coming
> back for more.

Glad you enjoyed it.  (It's hard waiting two months for feedback on
it, though.)

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