REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #77 - May 2010 [spoilers]

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at
Wed Jun 30 06:26:35 PDT 2010

     Weird, the formatting characters don't show up when I ssh into eyrie
from home, but do when I use PuTTY at work.

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Saxon Brenton  <saxonbrenton at> wrote:
>     After all that varied fare I think I enjoyed the Netwalker story 
>the most, but I suspect that was simply because it *was* an adventure 

     It may also have to do with the fact that the Netwalker story was really
the only one where I started off with a plot and a destination.  I wrote a
few bits of it before I even decided what the theme for the arc would be, and
it probably shows in the execution.  Most of the rest of Rivals Schools was
the sort of "throw a bunch of threads up and see where they fall" plotting
you mentioned elsewhere in your review.

     Justice's plot was mainly there to let me do some foreshadowing for an
arc I have roughly planned but don't want to bring to the front just yet.
Ahmed's story really CAN'T resolve yet because of its very nature, but at the
moment the next step has to wait a little while to let him get a bit more
living in.  (It might be part of an ASH arc, or I might do it as a
miniseries.)  The Understudies bit was mainly to let me put a few more pieces
on the board and get some use out of forgotten minor characters.  And with
Red Widow, I simply felt like doing a low-stakes mystery after all the
high-stakes stories of late.  :)

     Dave Van Domelen, working on plotting #108.

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