ASH/HCC: LL&DD Special - "Pull"

Scott Eiler seiler at
Thu Jun 24 18:08:26 PDT 2010

On Jun 23, 6:58 pm, dvan... at (Dave Van Domelen) wrote:

> Author's Notes:
>      This story was written for High Concept Challenge #10, "The Immigrant
> Experience."

Hey, isn't this your own contest anyway?

> This was supposed to be longer.

I kind of like them short.

> There was a scene that I
> wanted to write that would have kind of been Deedee's big Welcome to Chicago
> moment, but I got distracted by another work and ran out of time.  Maybe, one
> day, the scene will be written, but until then, this is whatcha get.

I have my own distractions right now.  I have a story I want to write
for "The Immigrant Experience", but if it's going to win a contest,
I'll have to put some more work into it than usual.  Meanwhile, my
life has been full of either visiting people and being sociable
instead of writing, or roaming the countryside and writing travelogs.
Either way, the fiction gets edged out.  So, I am for the first time
not going to submit a story by deadline.

> Hopefully the other work, aka LL&DD #11, will be finished soon.

I'm enjoying that series.

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