8Fold: My Father's Son #1

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Martin Phipps Martin Phipps (martinphipps2 at yahoo.com)  wrote
> On Jun 14, 7:00 am, Andrew Perron <pwer... at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Overall, interesting concept, mildly clunky infodump-y execution. 
> I don't know. I figured "black cape" meant his father was a villain.
> That was thrown out there as bait as far as I was concerned. I assume
> that Saxon is going to reveal more about him gradually rather than
> bump all teh information at once.
Well, yes, kinda.  As I wrote in end notes, the first two issues were going to be one larger issue.  There wil be a bit more about his dad in issue 2 - and in that regard both Andrew and yourself are right: all that info in one big issue would be even more expository clunky, but in the revised two part scenario it allows me to spread out the reveal a bit.
And, weirdly, the 'black cape' / 'black mask' jargon was something that I created only a day before posting, while I was doing a final read through to check on how the text flowed.  I thought, well, 8Fold uses the word 'four colour' to sidestep any problems with the way Marvel and DC have taken a joint registration on the term 'superhero' and variants thereof; is there any evocative phrase I can use as a synonym for 'supervillain'?
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