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Thu Jun 10 19:11:57 PDT 2010

[Odd.  Where did I put the subject line?  Careless of me.  Oh well, 2nd post.]
Okay.  So after *years* of delay because of the Apathy Beast 
gnawing on my leg, Tom has finally managed to get me to finish 
writing the first issue of My Father's Son via the judicious 
use of half yearly prods-with-a-metaphorical-stick.
(Yeah, I really should have paid attention when Jamas pointed 
out the irony of me writing a character called Slowpoke.)
Nevertheless: Posting this weekend...  Issue 1 of _My Father's Son_ 
(Which I swear of a stack of Kurt Busiek comics is not in any 
way a rip-off of _Avengers Academy_.  Which you should be able 
to work out for yourself.  I'm just not that fast a writer.)
Saxon Brenton
tV trOpes wiKi  *HUnGeRS*  and wAnts to EaT all yoUr frEe tiMe


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