META: Who do you write like?

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at
Sun Jul 18 15:56:07 PDT 2010

Here's a link to something that analyzes your writings and finds what 
famous writer your work resembles...

I tried a number of my stories... and this is what I got...

Eggplant #4 -- Margaret Atwood

Guttertrash #25 -- I did two parts and got these two:  Margaret Mitchell 
and James Fenimore Cooper.

Girls on Beach Blankets #4 -- Raymond Chandler

Beige Midnight #2 -- Dan Brown

Cauliflower #1 -- Cory Doctorow

Tales from the Gutterground #2 -- David Foster Wallace

Jong #2 -- more Cory Doctorow

Beige Countdown #0 -- more David Foster Wallace

On the Deadbeat #3 -- more Raymond Chandler

Haven't read any of those Authors except for Chandler and some blogs 
from Doctorow...

Arthur "Wasting time..." Spitzer

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