[LNH] [REPOST] (sort of) Newsreader's Digest: Digital JUMP! #1-3

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 23:56:20 PST 2010

PREHISTORIC PRODUCTIONS PRE-- No, hang on, hang on, I have something to 
explain first.

Back in 2008, in Russell's Reviews v1 #10, Tom Russell threw down the 
gauntlet and proposed "Newsreader's Digest" versions of RACC stories.  
These would be super-condensed versions, with the challenge to jettison 
as much of the text as possible while still keeping a coherent, 
entertaining story.

Lately, I've been thinking about the Special Edition problem.  A 
creator whose skills have sharpened over time often looks back at their 
early works and says, "Jeez.  Maybe I should tidy those up a bit."  
However, this often results in an end product that lacks the things 
that endeared people to the original in the first place.  Yet if you 
don't do it, you face the possibility of people wanting to enjoy your 
series from the beginning but being turned off by the lack of polish in 
the early chapters.

My current favorite solution to this problem is a compromise; do a 
revision that sticks to the spirit of the original, keep the original 
available, but point newbies to the new version.

Then I realized that Tom's idea would make for an excellent 
introductory revised version.  After all, how better to stick to the 
original than to use the words of the original?  And it gives the 
original a purpose by making it a value-added proposition.

Thus, I put this together: the Newsreader's Digest version of Digital 
JUMP! #1-3.  With #5 coming out soon, I figured it'd be good to catch 
people up on the ongoing plot.  (I'll be reposting #4 as well, without 
any editing.)

So, without further ado:



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