SW09: The Warm December, or One Last Bit of Sun

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 00:07:34 PST 2010

On Thu, 25 Feb 2010 02:48:38 +0000 (UTC), Scott Eiler wrote:

> I've been told I dash about the landscape like a koala on speed. This
> is ironic because our world actually has a koala on speed, and I'm not
> it. 

Heh heh heh.  Funny, but it could be tightened up a bit.

>     * Actually, I don't work directly for Death any more, but she was
> always a decent boss.

Is this the actual personification of ending, or...?

> 7 December: A certain superhero team from another Earth is looking for
> me. I suppose I was technically part of their support staff once. So
> they tell me, our Earth's appeared in their universe!

Heh, bet I can guess who this is.

>     * Meanwhile, Judy and I are riding our bikes to retrieve one of
> the Engines of Reality. One human-but-commanding hero from each team
> is collecting them. I figure I can at least tag along until I see all
> of them in one place, then maybe get them used to restore our Earth to
> its previous orbit. But ultimately they have their stereotypical big
> confrontation and then all disappear. Aww!

Okay, this needed a sentence or so of exposition - the phrase "Engines of
Reality" is evocative, but not quite self-explanatory enough.

>     * But what's this about other Earths seeing us? Apparently part of
> how we saved our Earth from the impact of Planet Iv was, we shunted
> ourselves into an "imaginary" dimension at right angles to reality.
> Now our orbit goes through different universes. Hey, maybe it always
> did; aside from a few planetary probes that are full of glitches, how
> would we ever know?

Ooooh.  This could definitely enable crossovers.

> He sports a respectable full beard and mustache, of course; not
> even Hitler can get away with a Hitler mustache nowadays.


>     * As he goes in, they notice me pulling splinters from my hand.
> The boss sends me to my room for a bath. One guy says, I have a cusp
> on my chest... Huh? I suppose there is a growth there... but I'm used
> to that. I used to have intelligent blood cells that would build
> little clubhouses for themselves on my skin. This is no different.

...he lives a really weird life.

>     * Today's more boring, just sitting by the Trillions ship waiting
> for a story, watching the droids scurry around. Judy's colleague Max
> is talking to her about addiction. He says there's something inside
> him that makes him do all those bad things. Judy talks him into trying
> Jesus.
>     * Suddenly a spider-droid shoots out a web, hits Max, and pulls
> him in! The spider hangs in midair off a high-rise building, and
> starts a riot. But Judy can feel what Max does by telepresence. He's
> still inside the spider!
>     * A security droid tries to rescue the spider without the crowd
> noticing. He tells Max to crawl up the wall. Max says he can't make
> it, but the droid says he can do anything he wants to. They pull him
> in near the top.
>     * Later Max appears by broadcast. He says he's going to stay with
> the Trillions and live a new life, as part of their security class. A
> lot of people don't believe it's real; others are lining up to have
> their chance to be taken away.

I'd like some explanation for this one!

> Like I said,
> the weather is weird; really cold water is coming in from the sea,
> because the sea knows December shouldn't be this warm.


> .So... The weather is weird. The aliens are still coming. There's
> unrest among Earthlings. Other Earths are interfering. Death is
> watching.
> ... Yep, next year could be interesting.

See, in this one, the cut-down diary format worked, simply because you
threw in a new idea with each entry.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, sleepy

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