LNH/Contest: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #34

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Tue Feb 23 22:52:05 PST 2010

In a desperate attempt to procrastinate from the scanning workload, Saxon replies promptly for once:
> On Weds 24 Feb 2010 Andrew Perron  wrote:
>> On Tue, 23 Feb 2010 23:56:54 +0000 (UTC), Saxon Brenton wrote:
>>      He had quickly determined that there was no chocolate to be found 
>> anywhere in the Looniverse.  However there had been clear indications 
>> of chocolate in other universes, so he had made a quick trip across to 
>> Looniearth-B to acquire some in his TANDI, his magically powered 
>> space-time travel machine.  
> Has this shown up before?  Also, I read this as Looniearth-Y at first.  I
> was hoping for a stealth crossover! ;.;
Looniearth-B?  Or the TANDI?  The answer either way is 'yes'.
Ben Rawluk started his writing on rec.arts.comics.creative with 
hyper-enthusiastic vignettes set on Looniearth-B before moving on and 
eventually developing his skills as a writer in stuff like _Teens In 
Josh Guernick created Occultism Kid, and introduced the TANDI when he 
wrote the OKid miniseries _All Things Dark And Scary_.
>> He has a horrible premonition of not just 
>> chocolate, or things associated with chocolate, but things associated 
>> with things associated with chocolate, lapsing out of existence as the 
>> Yama Nictrama methodically and wrong-headedly take the world to pieces 
>> in pursuit of their objective.
> Eesh.  That'll do it.
With more time to develop the notion I think this would have made a good 
horror story.
>> Their current state of 
>> being mires then in a materialist worldview, which if nothing else 
>> explains their reductive attempt to find god.
> Ooooooh.  Interesting point of view.
Among a few other things that were cut was the explanation of *how* that 
bit of phsycology worked.  So I flatly stated it as a bit of background 
detail instead.
> (Also, I thought Blood Music was that short story where a guy's individual
> cells become self-aware.)
That's the one I'm thinking of.  Apparently it started as a short story 
(which I haven't read) and then got expanded to a novel.
> T'was a well-told story.  I was just surprised wReamhack and Renegade
> Programmer didn't show up again!
At first I thought they would, but then I started having to revise things.
They needed to be kept in at least the first scene to generate the proper 
'some is very wrong' mood without relying on into dumping, but in the end 
they mainly had extended cameo appearances.  In retrospect I probably 
shouldn't have named them in the character roster at the start; it raises 
And now in the ineviatble discussion thread, I'll reveal another throwaway 
reference that got cut: about how during the Infinite Leadership Crisis 
the demon that Occultism Kid uses as a door warden got called up to lead 
the Legion for a day, and knowing that it would vanish at midnight locked 
OKid's room by putting it out of phase in an other-dimensional moebius strip 
- so that when Mynabird's army of net.villains ransacked Legion headquarters 
they didn't get into OKid's room because it literally wasn't in the building 
at the time.  (As you say:  Yay.  World building)
Saxon Brenton
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