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Wait, shouldn't that be--

> Author's Note:  Yes, the tag is SW91.  As in Superhuman World 1991.


> This year during my break, I've been mining my old fiction to put on
> the Web.  (Link available at http://www.eilertech.com/stories/startup.htm
> .)  All these years I was afraid to read my old writing.  But when I
> finally did, I discovered, I used to write a lot more dialog than I do
> now!  In retrospect, that came naturally from spending the years
> 1983-1992 to write a story that ultimately took place 1990-1992.

Hmmmm.  So is this the original, or a rewritten version?

> What Has Gone Before: The year is 1991.  There are a few superhumans
> around the world, but they're not public.  But four superhumans are
> now students at Michigan State University.  After a series of
> encounters, they've gone public, and arranged to work together if they
> really need to.  They call themselves The Balance.  They are leading
> ancestors of the Superhuman World 2010, and you might actually
> recognize one or two of them as the year goes on.
> ---

Hmmmm.  Interesting.  Present-tense, and a lot of the dialogue is described
secondhand - but not all of it.

> Laura Greene, Morningstar, does not practice nearly as much as the
> others.  She's agreed to work with the others in crisis situations,
> but she's not going to look for trouble - and she sees no reason why
> trouble should find her, if she lives a good life in the Lord.  Even
> if it should, the power in her stone should handle it.

There's a problem here.  This doesn't actually describe what her powers
are.  Thus, I'm only assuming that this was due to her:

> The next day, Professor Carlsberg is overcome by sudden - and
> unexplainable! – remorse.  He turns himself in to the campus police.
> They release him due to lack of evidence.  Ellipsis has taken all his
> stockpiles.

And I have no idea what's going on here:

> Morningstar, in front, falls before the assault at first.  But she
> thinks: No.  I mustn't! Stephen says I don't have to! There must be
> some way...  She rises, and beats back the assaults.

Overall, interesting, though definitely showing its heritage as an early

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