ASH: LL&DD #9 - Other Family

Andrew Burton tuglyraisin at
Sat Feb 6 18:15:12 PST 2010

Andrew Perron wrote:
> Also: I know I should feel like saving Jenny that way was a cheat, but
> somehow, I can't.  Yaaaaaaaaay!

Rule #1: when in doubt, cheat.  You can be sure, from the first day 
Fleet explained what was going on and asked Deedee to watch his younger 
self, younger Fleet got an earful of, "Obey your dad," "Protect your 
mother," and the like on the off-chance that it would paradoxically 
affect the older Fleet to try and save Jennifer.

Deedee's not a monster in that she'd ever send a child to their death, 
but he's not above playing every angle, which is kind of the point of 
The Reverse Engineers.

Andrew Burton
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