Review: End of Month Reviews #72 - December 2009 [spoilers]

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> >The robot horse known as
> > the Grey Gelding is Depression-era automaton that is reactivated and goes
> > out to discover what the early 21st century is like.  The Gelding talks
> > with people.  A lot of people.  He tries to learn about the current world
> > and in the process looks like he's doing a good job of coming to terms with
> > it.
> I liked that about the story too.  I don't feel comfortable voting in
> the annual RACC ballot yet because I've only been around for half a
> year.  But from during my short tenure, the Grey Gelding's my favorite
> character.

Also!  Sending in nominations is actually easier for someone who
hasn't been reading the group much than voting is; you don't have to
know everything on the ballot, you just have to know those few things
you think should go on it.  But you gotta hurry, for they're only open
until midnight on the 3rd!

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