StarFall: Spellbinder #2: "Astral Weeks"

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On Dec 29, 2:05 am, William Strickland <indomitable.will... at>
> The Spectacular Magical Pan-Dimensional Adventures of Chelsea, Also
> Known As Spellbinder, Mystic Defender of the Earth Dimension!


> So why was I happy? Simple; in being told my job was a sham, I'd been
> set free. It basically informed me that the old job of Mystic Defender
> was almost exactly the wrong thing to do. Had to be, right? It was
> kind of like laboring for a year in a job you hate under a boss you'd
> love to punch, just once... and then finding out that it's a criminal
> front organization, and that the bounty for information leading to
> your boss' arrest is enough for you to retire on and live comfortably
> for the rest of your life.
> It was *liberating*. And that's why I was laughing.

Mmmmmm.  Very nice.

> "LALALALALACAN'THEARYOU," interrupted Athena, the loss of her normally
> famous composure proving that immaculate birth notwithstanding, no
> child can stand the thought of their parent engaged in certain
> activities.

You'd think she'd have gotten used to it by now!

> "About that," I said as I erected the third shield; I was really
> starting to hurt now, and my vision was starting to get fuzzy, but I
> had to keep working. Maybe a little banter would buy me a few seconds.
> "You know how we're ritually one entity right now? Well, I'm sorry,
> but I got the Spirits of Air pissed at us."

Ahhhh, the ol' ritual-switch, AKA the "What's Up, Doc".

> Pulling a phone out, I dialed. "Hi, Maddy? It's Chel. Hey, this is
> gonna sound weird, but I need a favor."

Yay, Maddy!

> "That was my personal dimensional portal," I said. "It leads to the
> little realm of me. I don't fully understand it, since it's apparently
> not a phenomenon that's been studied, but I know that what's inside,
> aside from being handy for storage, is the core of my being. And now
> the Cathedral is there. It's a part of me, now, Hermes, rather than
> the other way around. I just /ATE/ the office of the Mystic Defender
> of the Earth Realm, Hermes. It's what /I/ say it is. I'm going to be
> making my own path, now, and the oath I swore is now an oath only to
> myself - and I think I'm going to interpret it a little differently
> than the skyfathers did. I never said I was quitting being Mystic
> Defender; I just said I wasn't working for *you* anymore." I waved.
> "'Bye now."

Ooooooooh.  Neato. o.ov

> Hermes had been laughing for a minute straight. The audacity of the
> girl! To not just think she could get away with such an act, but to
> *make it happen*? Unthinkable! Laudable! Magnificent! And all this
> from a little mortal...

I like Hermes.

> No, not mortal. Hermes calmed down, but continued smiling; this one,
> however, was a less jocular thing. Hermes the Thrice-Great was not
> just a god, but a scholar and sorcerer as well, and he got out and
> studied phenomena that the other gods never bothered to consider might
> exist. The girl didn't know what she was, but he did, and oh, to have
> such a one running around again! And as the Mystic Defender, no less!

Ah, and the twist. <3

> "I'm cheating!", I cheered in response to the bouncer's question. He
> grabbed me by the wrist and began dragging me towards the door.


> I was still going to be the
> Mystic Defender of the Earth Dimension, I'd decided, but it was going
> to mean what *I* decided, and I was going to play by *my* rules.
> I was pretty high on my success - I didn't even notice that I wasn't
> getting a beer buzz - so I didn't stop to think about what those rules
> would be, or what they would get me.

Dun dun dunnnn...

> The Queen of Loud Sorrows groaned as she came back to consciousness.
> "Mortal... I am not going to forget this." Standing shakily to her
> feet, she swore under her breath. "I will hound you for eternity,
> never stopping, until I-- oo, butterfly!"
> And then she chased a butterfly.


Very good!  Indeed, a definite leap above the first!  No real
criticisms this time, really; anything I could critique, I'm waiting
on to see how it turns out.  Keep up the good work!

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, la li lu le lo~

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