[LNHY] Looniverse Y #7

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 21 20:41:11 PST 2010

Arthur Spitzer replied to Andrerw Perron:
> Wow. That was blast from the past. And probably a sign of the 
> Apocalypse when people tie up old LNHY threads too.
> Anyway, I enjoyed this. Maybe I'll try to take a stab at writing 
> Looniverse Y #8... 
The day that Andrew posted _Systems Corruptors_ I had RPGing, and 
I spent the trip on the train home at 11 at night trying to come 
up with an appropriate villain.  Unfortunately my sleep deprived 
mind could only develop the Plutomancer; she's quite a good 
villain but looking at the mechanics of her powers I don't think 
she would fit well into a *team* book. 
And I haven't done anything else for LNHY since.  {sigh}.
Saxon Brenton
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