StarFall: Spellbinder #1: "Take This Job and Shove It"

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Mon Dec 20 13:00:19 PST 2010

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> >On Dec 17, 12:36 pm, Andrew Perron <pwer... at> wrote:
> >> On Dec 16, 11:55 pm, William Strickland
> >> > I'm going to need to come up with a way to relate that here, in the
> >> > plain text format. I'd originally written the story in html, and the
> >> > flashback segments were all in italics.
> >> It seemed fairly clear to me (the shift between third and first was
> >> certainly helpful there). Perhaps, as a hint, you could use different
> >> scene-separation borders?
> >A suggestion? (Which I probably should have made earlier during the
> >editing process...)
> >Use a line of ~~~~~~~~~~~~ instead of -------------- for framing
> >flashbacks?  That seems to be a defacto standard for flashbacks in
> >text-based entries, isn't it?
>      One of the advantages of the datestamping style used in ASH is that
> flashbacks are pretty clearly set up.  :)  Not to say that there aren't
> disadvantages, of course, especially if you're trying to play sliding
> timelines like Marvel and DC.
>      Dave Van Domelen, certainly ran into problems with it in Superguy,
> having to explain multi-year in-story gaps.....

Date-stamping of "two weeks before..." or "six months ago..." still
works fine in a sliding timescale,  IMO.  No real indication in this
particular tale for how long ago certain events took place anyway.

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