HCC: A proposal for future HCCs

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Sat Dec 18 23:40:29 PST 2010

     No more ties.  Period.  Not only are they resulting in harder to write
themes, they also take an extra writer out of the pool.  If either Saxon or I
had been the sole winner, the other would almost definitely have written in
the current contest.  And before anyone brings up RACCWriMo, Scott Eiler's
the only person other than me or Saxon who participated in that, so it's not
the reason why we had such a low turnout.

     So, there will be a single winner for this one, however we have to run
it (still waiting to hear back from Saxon on an extension, the half day out
of phase thing causes even more problems than dual winners alone does).  And
in the future, the person issuing the challenge only votes to break ties.
And they MUST vote to break a tie.  Because ties are proving to be a bad idea
here, there's just not enough participants in the pool, ties happen way too
often and gum up the works too badly.

     Dave Van Domelen, really not inclined to let this one sit any longer,
just move on to someone else's idea.

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