MISC/HCC: Team Xero #3

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sat Dec 18 16:57:43 PST 2010

On Dec 18, 3:22 pm, Jamas Enright <t... at eyrie.org> wrote:
> Thought I had more time for this.

I think the discussion on contest time is still open.  Perhaps the
judges and the voting public might be open to revisions.

You do have an interesting interpretation on "subterranean".  I've
been just as loose in my own contest entries, though.  Hey, story

Since "random" is also an element for this contest, I'm going to
suggest for this contest, each author give a note on how the story
would differ if the random element had gone differently.

> Thrill as Lattay, the caffeinated superheroine, helps out her sister's
> coffee delivery business. Delivery to an underground lair? What could go
> wrong?

I like the story.  If you can program this technology to give hyper-
attitude to someone infused with the power of caffeine, that would
enhance the storytelling. But now I know, "Induce the need to go to
the bathroom" needs to move way up in the list of superhuman powers.

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