Meta/StarFall: Fresh Meat

Phantasm phantom_belcher at
Wed Dec 15 14:28:13 PST 2010

A friend of mine is going to be posting the first segment of a title
he came up with for my StarFall imprint.  He's a racc newbie, so
please be gentle. Truth is, he's admitted to me he's a little
intimidated by the age of racc - I mean, we predate HTML formatting,
and to my knowledge Google Groups still doesn't permit it.

Ironically, he got interested when I started writing Silver Arrow.
I'd played Arrow in a super-hero game alongside Rob's title character,
so it seems only natural that the two inhabit the same universe this
time around..

So please welcome Robin Strickland and my favorite creation of his,
Chelsea, alias Spellbinder.

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